run_cmd run_cmd(cmd => 'command', [runas => 'user', timeout => 60]);

Runs a command cmd via ssh in the given VM and log the output. All commands are executed through sudo. If 'runas' defined, command will be executed as specified user, otherwise it will be executed as root.

get_promoted_hostname() get_promoted_hostname();

Checks and returns hostname of HANA promoted node.

wait_for_sync wait_for_sync(); Wait for replica site to sync data with primary. Checks "SAPHanaSR-showAttr" output and ensures replica site has "sync_state" "SOK".

get_hana_topology get_hana_topology([hostname => $hostname]); Parses command output, returns list of hashes containing values for each host. If hostname defined, returns hash with values only for host specified.