Build a container. dockerfile_path is the directory with the Dockerfile as well as the root of the build context. container_tag will be the name of the container.


Run a container. image_name is required and can be the image id, the name or name with tag. If daemon is enabled then container will run in the detached mode. Otherwise will be in the interactive mode. if cmd found then it will execute the given command into the container. The container is always removed after exit. if keep_container is 1 the container is not removed after creation. Default to get removed when it exits or when the daemon exits


Pull a container with the given image_name where image_name can be the name or id of the image.


Return an array ref of the images


Return an array ref of the containers


Assert a property against given expected value if value is given. Otherwise it prints the output of info.


Remove a image from the pool.


Remove containers and then all the images respectively and then make sure that everything was cleaned up.