Workarounds for known issues

apply_workaround_poo124652 ($mustmatch, [,[$timeout] | timeout => $timeout] ):

Workaround for the screen refresh issue.

First checks if we need to apply the workaround, if the needle matches already no workaround is required.

If the workaround is needed we record a soft failure and apply a 'shift-f3' and 'esc' sequence that should fix the problem

If the problem still persists (we saw one occasion in the VRs) then we retry with maximazing and shrinking the screen twice by sending 'alt-f10' two times.

apply_workaround_bsc1206132 ():

Workaround for the iscsi return code issue.

Records a soft failure with a reference to bsc#1206132

Changes the iscsid service file to require and start after the iscsid socket. Then reloads systemd, in order to scan for the changed unit.